Early 2010 was the beginning of Pearland Coffee Roasters when we took on the daunting task of starting a coffee company in the suburbs of Houston. It wasn’t more than 4 days after moving to Pearland that we heard of the chance to purchase the assets of the only local coffee shop in the area. Luckily, we were homeless and unemployed and were able to put all of our efforts to taking over a failing business. Two months and many sleepless nights later and we re-opened Antigua Coffee House.


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24 January 2013
Our friends at Sprudge posted a link from Serious Eats that we really enjoyed.  Ever find yourself asking why our coffee seems expensive? Read what they have to say in th...
02 December 2012
Of course we absolutely love this article in the the latest 'The Atlantic' which, as the title suggests, recommends drinking as much coffee as you'd like. We can get behind th...
07 November 2012
Most patrons that have gotten to know us here at Pearland Coffee Roasters, have learned not to be surprised when we start to geek out over new things. So, as we're approaching...